Why this blog?

I've been reading a lot of financial blogs in the last few weeks as I think about the things I want to change. It's been very inspiring to see so many people, in similar situations as mine, setting financial goals, digging themselves out of debt, and sticking to a sound plan to stay out of debt and build a strong foundation. I've read about people conquering debts so large they dwarf my own. Over a period of months and years, they have battled the natural urge to go back to their lackadaisical, spendthrift roots, but they persevered through the setbacks they threaten to overwhelm them and set them off-course.

I admire these people. I would very much like to be like them. So, here I am. Wish me luck!


Canadian Saver said...

You're going to have fun blogging :-)

Good luck!!

Lilith said...

Thank you! Spread the word! There's fresh meat in the PF blogosphere! :D