Breathe a sigh of relief

You might notice a smoking counter on the right. It may not look all that impressive yet. Ya gotta start somewhere, right? This is something I've been wanting to accomplish for the significant portion of my life. I have stopped and started many times in the 21 years since I started smoking. And I have always had faith that if I kept trying, one day it would stick and I'd wake up some morning and realize that I am not a smoker.

As I type this, I can't believe it's been that many years that I have been chained to that little box of toxins. I can think of the many excuses that I've made in the past for continuing to feed the addiction. None of them ever convinced me that at some point I would not stop smoking. The question was when. The time has come.

My current focus of becoming improving my financial health naturally leads right into trying to eliminate financial waste. With the cost of cigarettes these days, eliminating that expense is going to make a real difference in the budget. The true beauty of this deal is that as my financial health improves so does my body's health. Yay, me!

My new motto is, "Stop Wishing & Hoping and start Doing & Being." It's not going to be easy. This I know. But I'm putting it out there, here on this blog for all to see, that

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